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EPIC Fitness is Ottawa's only functional training facility. We bring you the best in Personal Training, Kinesiology, Athletic Team Training, Mobility, Yoga and Alternative Medicine.

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Why I Travel from Barrhaven to Gloucester for my EPIC Training

“Recently I celebrated my two year anniversary as an EPIC Fitness client.  It wasn’t until they told me that I realized that I had committed two years of my life ...

Sasha’s Story – Getting Back into Athletic Shape

Sasha: “When I first came to EPIC Fitness, I was looking to get back into the athletic shape, mindset, and routine I had always kept up throughout high school. Being ...

“I Could Not Tie My Shoes” – Paul, a Success Story

Paul: It is my pleasure to comment on, endorse, and celebrate Alannah and my experience with EPIC Fitness. I came to Alannah and EPIC easily 3 inches too generous around my ...

Even Athletes Lose their Passion: How we Got it Back.

Both of us grew up playing competitive sports, which continued into University. Our lifestyle had always been active and on the go. Then as we progressed through University, graduating and ...

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