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EPIC Fitness is Ottawa's only functional training facility. We bring you the best in Personal Training, Kinesiology, Athletic Team Training, Mobility, Yoga and Alternative Medicine.

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“I Found My Happy Place at EPIC” – Kinga, another Success Story

“I was once a really good athlete with a lot of potential, but somewhere along the way with unfortunate circumstances and a few poor lifestyle decisions, I let myself go down ...

How to Stop Worrying and Get on With Your Life

Being healthy is not all about fitness and nutrition.  What you are saying to yourself all day long has a huge impact on your wellness and your ability to function ...

EPIC Baby: Training Functionally During Pregnancy

I want to share Julie’s success story with you because of what she has been going through over the past 9 months! She found out she was expecting just as ...

6 Ways To Keep Your Detox From Becoming A Drag

This post was inspired by Dr. Robin Berzin.  She runs a detox program in NYC. Detoxes pull us in.  The idea that we need to cleanse our system and get ...

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